Khin Zaw Latt - Offering Flowers
  • Khin Zaw Latt - Offering Flowers

Khin Zaw Latt - Offering Flowers


The 35-year-old artist Khin Zaw Latt prefers drawing portraits. He is known for his distinctive style that can be recognised by the use of old coins stamped on the portrait paintings and his Buddha face series is also widely known.

Acrylic on canvas - Size 122 cm x 92 cm

"Khin Zaw Latt studied english in a monastery from 2002 - 2004. It is therefor not surprising that the Buddha served as the inspiration for his first series of paintings. These paintings are made by first applying a background of color, at times extending the shade to almost black... at the end, KZL carved a number of wooden stamps of Buddha images of different sizes and forms, and used them to stamp the canvas.

KZL does not view Buddha as a God, but rather a man who was deeply spiritual, philosophical and morally correct. Buddhism in Myanmar is primarily of the Theravada tradition, practiced by 85-90% of the population. By some measurements, Myanmar is the most religious of all Buddhist countries : at any given time it has the highest proportion of its population residing in monasteries, and the highest percentage of religious donations as a proportion of income. 

The five precepts of Buddhism described in the ancient Pali texts include abstaining from killing, not taken what is not given, avoiding sexual misconduct, abstaining from false speech and abstaining from excessive, fermented drink that cause heedlessness. Some Burmese observe these principles by moral behavior, charity and good deeds (dana) because they believe that they will have a more favorable rebirth in their next life. Others, including KZL, observe these principles because they see the benefits to society provided by this philosophical guidance and because it provides them with a moral compass for their daily life."

Bruce Persons 

Seeing into portraits Khin Zaw Latt 

KZL has held several solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Germany and more, and won local and international art awards. His paintings sell for thousands of dollars and are popular among international art collectors.


KZL was born in 1980 in Laputta, Irrawaddy Division, Myanmar

1998-2002 B.A, University of Culture, majoring in painting


2000 Feb, Yangon

2000 Starle, Yangon

2002 Simple Poem, Yangon

2002 NACG, Yangon

2003 Mother Art Exhibition, Yangon

2004 Myanmar Contemporary Art Award Exhibition of Finalists, Strand Hotel,Yangon

2005 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yangon

2005 Art Exhibition, Yangon

2006 X Mas Season Art Exhibition in Yangon

2007 Photos by Painters Exhibition, Yangon

2008 Myanmar Contemporary Art Award Exhibition of Finalist, Strand Hotel,Yangon

2008 Art Tree Exhibition in Yangon

2008 Square Collection Exhibition, Yangon

2009 Crowdscapes Solo Exhibition, The Strand Hotel, Yangon

2009 Nagis Fund Exhibition, Yangon

2009 Aesthetic Rain Exhibition, Yangon

2010 Art Tree” Exhibition, Yangon

2011 Myanmar National Portrait Competition 2011, FINALIST exhibition

The Strand Hotel, Yangon

2011 Shikra Group show, Yangon

2011 Introduction of Current Works Solo Show, Yangon

2012 A ten year Story, Yangon

2012 Hope Charity Show, Yangon

2012 Big Bigger Biggest Art Exhibition, Yangon

2012 Magic Water watercolor Exhibition, Yangon

2012 Pure Heart” Art Exhibition, Wahso Art Gallery, Yangon

2016 10/10 Anniversary Exhibitions, River Gallery, Yangon

2017 7th Anniversary of Trish Gallery, Grand Group Art Exhibition, Trish Gallery, Yangon

Abroad Exhibitions

2004 Myanmar Contemporary Art Award Exhibition of Finalists, Hong Kong

2004 Sound Art Exhibition, Singapore

2005 Two Burmese Brothers, Two Men Show Hong Kong

2006 Two Burmese Brothers 2, Two Men Show Hong Kong

2006 Blissful Buddha’s, Solo Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2006 Quiet Wind” – five Burmese artists, San Francisco, USA

2006 To Tranquility Art Exhibition in Hong Kong

2006 Myanmar Scene Art Exhibition in Hong Kong

2006 Singapore Art Fair in Singapore

2006 Myanmar Three Artists Art Exhibition in Palm Beach, USA

2007 Two Burmese Brothers Two Men Show, Nepal

2007 Homage to Buddha Art Exhibition in Hong Kong

2007 Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition in Washington, USA

2007 Eternal Bliss Solo Art Exhibition in Hong Kong

2008 Vision of Myanmar Two Men Show, Art Exhibition in USA

2008 Simplicity Solo Art Exhibition in Hong Kong

2009 Two Burmese Brothers Two Men Show in Greenwich ct, USA

2009 Finalist Exhibition of 2008 Sovereign Asian Art Award, HK

2009 Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition, HK

2010 Myanmar Art & Culture Lecture, Group Show -Boston, USA

2010 Sovereign Asian Art Prize, Finalist Exhibition, HK

2010 Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition, HK

2010 Moving Forward Solo Show, HK

2010 My Myanmar Solo Show, BKK, Thailand

2010 New Beginning Group show, Princeton, USA

2011 Eye on Burma Group Show, the East Gallery, Toronto Canada

2011 Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

2012 Burma Rising, Art Exhibition, Hamptons, NY, USA

2012 7th Annual Summer Exhibition, HK

2012 The East Gallery Anniversary Show, Toronto, Canada

2014 Myanmar Art Collection, Art Basel Miami, USA

2014/15 Myanmar Art Exhibition, Munich Museum, Germany

2015 Myanmar Art out of the Box, Exhibition in Philadelphia, USA

2015 Myanmar Art Crossing, LA Art Show, USA

2015 Master of Myanmar Art, Art Exhibition, KL, Malaysia

2015 Art of Asean, Our Exhibition in KL, Malaysia

2015 Maritime Silk Road Art Festival Shanghai, China

2017 Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

2017 Solo Exhibition, Retour De Voyage, art gallery, France

Museum Collection

2014 the Funf Kontinente Museum, Munich, Germany.

2019  National Museum Yangon, Myanmar

Art Awards

2000 Second Prize at Myanmar Youth Art Contest, Yangon

2004 Honorary mention at Myanmar Contemporary Art Award, Yangon

2008 First Prize at Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards 2008, Yangon

2009 Finalist at Sovereign Art Award 2009, HK

2011 First Prize at Myanmar National Portrait Competition 2011, River Gallery, Yangon

Other Art Experience

2007 Studied and worked at India and Nepal for two months

2008 Studied and worked at Artist Residency in Malaysia

2013 30 days Art Tour to Belgium, Germany, France and Switzerland

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