Anne Vilsboll

Anne Vilsboll

Anne Vilsboll's art is the result of intense innovative and inspirational research into the hidden potential of paper as a tool for modern means of expression. She has been acclaimed as one of the pioneers among a number of outstanding artists who during the past sixty years have searched to revive the lost form of the ancient craft of papermaking as a contemporary art form. She is a painter and writer of danish origin and she is a woman full of energy. When she paints, she tells a story, often about projects around other artists. What interests her is to see how an artist lives and survives in relation to his art. Anne Vilsboll's subjects reflect her diverse interests as art teacher, art historian and poet, world traveler and specifically her role and identity as woman as artist. Her pivotal meeting with Georgia O'Keeffe in New Mexico impacted her shapes and colors studies. Her use of radiant colors is indebted to American abstract painting practices from O'Keeffe's generation up to the 1970s to the present. She collects color from different cultures and and she stores color when she travels. For her, color is not only to be, it is to be savored, observed, the pigment is to be "touched" in her paintings.

"Her art orders and constructs from chaos to provide us with visions of metaphysical world". Dr Bogomila Welsch-Ovcharov 

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