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Wooden Buffalo head, with real buffalo horns

Sulawesi / Celebes Island Indonesia

Dimensions : 55cm x 52cm x 25cm

This imposing head of buffalo, carved in wood and possessing authentic horns, is typical of Toraja Country craftsmanship in Sulawesi. (Island of Celebes in Indonesia).

In the eyes of the «Torajas», the buffalo is much more than a domestic animal. The Torajas, which one could not translate "men with generous hearts" represent an Indonesian ethnic group that took refuge on the heights of the island of Celebes to escape the attacks of pirates. They are farmers - pastoralists, and as often in Asia, they have developed a great closeness with the buffaloes which represent the bulk of their wealth. The Torajas are known for their mystical funerary rites in sites carved in rocky cliffs and for the architecture of their traditional houses, the Tongkonans.

The Tongkonan is a massive house, built on stilts, with a characteristic boat-shaped roof. It is built in Bamboo, to resist the rain. The panels that make up the «walls» are sculpted and very often coloured, with typical drawings, which sometimes tell a story. The pediment of the house, very high, is decorated with sculptures and especially with buffalo heads and horns which, by their number and quality express the power of the owner of the place. 

Retour De Voyage loves the authentic character of this sculpture found in Rantepao and appreciates its decorative value.

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