Hans Silvester - Donga, Photo 4
  • Hans Silvester - Donga, Photo 4

Hans Silvester - Donga, Photo 4

Donga photography, bath of the girl .

Before the fight itself, men prepare... and young girls too. This is a mini waterfall that this young girl has chosen to prepare herself and to look beautiful. She knows that this party will be an opportunity for her to find maybe her future husband and she has to be the most beautiful... In this image too, is the ability of Hans Silvester to put people in confidence and to be forgotten in order to keep the spontaneity of the moment.

Photographs signed and numbered from 1 to 10 by the artist, available in three sizes: 40 x 60 cm, 60 x 90 cm, 100 x 150 cm

For further information, please contact Frédéric on +33 6 87 32 58 68

In the ceremony of the Donga, the young girls are essentially spectators, themselves dressed with the most beautiful drawings on their body, they must prepare themselves in the same way as the men. It is towards it perhaps that the winner of the fight will head by pointing his stick, signifying his love?

In response and if it is reciprocal, she will put on the same stick her necklace synonymous with her agreement to move away together at nightfall in the tall grass. Even if this ancestral ritual may seem savage and cruel, it is only the reflection of games of seduction in other civilizations.

In this series entitled Donga, Hans showed us the whole ceremony, the preparation of the men and women who take the time to purify themselves at the river, to decorate their bodies before meeting to scrupulously follow this honorary ritual.

Who are the Peoples of the Omo?

On the outskirts of Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan, the Lower Omo Valley is still a lost world... Far from any capital, climate-challenging because it is close to Ecuador and situated in the Rift Depression, this region remains one of the wildest in Africa. Rare trails cross the region... Fifteen or so nomadic or semi-nomadic tribes share a territory as large as twice Belgium, an area not negligible when we know that all travel is on foot. These ethnic groups, the largest of which reach as many as 70,000 and the most modest of which do not exceed 1,000, have so far had little to do with civilization, except in a brutal way: With the civil war in nearby Sudan and its arms trade, these tribes experienced the Kalashnikovs practically before they saw the first whites.

It is two days from 4X4 from Addis Ababa and several hours walk that Moulou, his guide allowed Hans Silvester to penetrate this natural world. This photo, taken in the early 2000s, still shows the purity of this world which will soon be confronted with our civilization. With the construction of trails, the exploitation of oil, and later the arrival of the first tourist cars, it is a true cultural testimony that Hans Silvester offers us and that has been able to make us aware of both the beauty of these men and women, to their art and to their daily life which he knew how to observe. Hans opens to us the doors of a still virgin world and his involvement in his many journeys, his energy at the service of the diffusion of these traditions we are seduced and seduced again.

It is with great pleasure that the Galerie Retour de Voyage will present the original photos in limited editions.

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