Denis Brihat - Travel in India

When Denis Brihat sailed from Southampton to India in 1955, he did not know that this one-year trip would change his life.It is through the encounter of these characters, his quest for spontaneity and his observation that Denis forged a philosophy, a unique know-how: to transmit to us what the photographer could have seen and that without him we could not have admired. How can we not be enchanted by this look, this attitude, this atmosphere? to be there at the right time, to be able to trust the person we are going to freeze in this unique and ephemeral moment, but also to know how to transmit this soul on paper and make us share this moment of life... A year of meetings, a year of sharing to pass on to us without cheating rare images of northern India of that time. When Denis returned to Paris, he insisted on setting up an exhibition with his photographs, which at the time was innovative. We didn’t show pictures taken on paper, the pictures were taken to illustrate magazines or articles... And yet, already demonstrating his talent as a "shooter", this exhibition was the first great success of Dens Brihat, with, at the same time, the Niecephore Niepce Prize in 1957, during the third edition, after his colleagues and friends Jean Dieuzède and Roberts Doisneau.

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