Hans Silvester - Ethiopie, les poules des Benchs

It was none other than Lucy, 3 million years old, who led Hans Silvester to the Omo Valley. The great reporter wanted to be as close as possible to these researchers who are dusting off bones, witnesses of history. While going deeper into the Omo Valley with his guide, they discovered by chance some painted houses. Despite his questions, nobody informed him about these practices, this people, this culture. Hans Silvester searched for days for this creative tribe, with the firm intention of finding it: "I embarked on this enterprise out of enthusiasm for the paintings and this culture, but also because I had the feeling that I was making a discovery. Thanks to a newly laid trail, the photographer was able to reach the valley where the village of Dizu was located. He not only discovered the people of the Benchs, he discovered a culture that values its territory and lives in harmony with the animals. This was enough to fill the heart of the environmentalist. These photographs reveal the life of the Benchs and their chickens, which blend perfectly with the finger-decorated houses.

That was in 2008. Today, the traditions and customs of the Benchs have disappeared with the arrival of the asphalt. Previously isolated or even cut off from the world by the inaccessibility of roads, they now have access to modern materials such as sheet metal, which replaces the traditional green roofs and, by extension, their way of life.

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