Hans Silvester - Photos a tree like a breath

Hans Silvester and the trees

Whatever the subject tackled by Hans Silvester, his art, served by an "incomparable eye", consists in making us discover an image that only He, will have observed and that only his photographs will be able to reveal to us. The Trees immortalized by Hans are no exception... Whether they are the trees of Provence, the dead woods of the Camargue, the conifers of the black forest or trees of Africa or Andalusia, Hans knows how to detect their deep soul. He knows how to make us admire the strength of plants which slowly grow size over time... These images remind us the link to man that they have been protecting since dawn of time despite the harms that man inflicts on them without taking into account what he owes them. These photos pay tribute to their natural sculptural strength that shape our landscapes and give us hope. In the early 2000s, Hans Silvester dedicated a book to trees. He pays homage to the isolated trees "landmark for men, stopover for birds" and to peasants who respect these great solitary people i... "year after year, they bypass them with their tractors, even losing few cultivable square meters. I am very grateful to them for their attention to beauty..." He also shows his commitment to the protection of nature "I have known many forests all over the world; I have often been a saddened witness to the folly of men, who exploit this natural wealth without the slightest concern for the future. Today, all the great forests of the world are under threat..."

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