Exhibition Silent Walks

Exhibition Silent Walks - Artists  Ndary Lo and Than Kyaw Htay

Ndary Lo, sculptor born in Senegal, and Than Kyaw Thay, painter living in Myanmar (Burma), who had no reason to intersect... meet around the theme of the movement in a gallery dedicated to the Retour De Voyage. The movement is the main source of inspiration for the two artists who consider that the movement is the very essence of life. Both have developed their art in an environment where migration is part of everyday life for political, economic and even touristic reasons. These movements feed the exchanges between populations and promote the mixing of cultures, sometimes inevitably creating violent clashes with sedentary populations that are confronted with different cultures. Movements of populations are a challenge at the planetary level, but since the beginning of humanity, movements have allowed our equilibrium and our openness. The importance of the movement is all the more relevant at a time when the planet is confined and where the movements of people are limited, even prohibited:

… how can we not wonder, today when all movement is suspended, about the meaning of movement in our life?

… how not to be questioned by the beauty of these silhouettes that challenge us on the freedom of movement of each individual, freedom put at risk for health reasons when it is not for political reasons.


In collaboration with River Gallery, Myanmar.

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